How to Check Sassa Status for R350 Payment Dates June 2022 .

The SASSA grant payment dates for April are: Older Person’s Grants 3 June 2022, Disability Grants 4 June 2022, Foster Care Grants 7 June 2022, Care Dependency Grants 7 June 2022, Child Support Grants 7 June 2022, R350 Grant: From the 8th of June 2022. Make sure you have received an sms from sassa and changed your payment option to bank for easy and fast payments of the grant.


How to Check Sassa Status for R350 Payment Dates June & July and What to do if you have no date for payment. For those who have been successful you will see a message or text indicating that you successfully completed the process and are ready to receive payment. If you see June, July approved: Its simple all you have to do after logging in to check your status just continue below on that page to check your pay day field for an indication or a date of when they will receive your money.


It is important to note that approved doesn’t mean your money is ready but it means that all checks and verification have been completed for you, and you have now reached the next face which is getting a date for payment. Some of you will find a date while others will not, If you do not see a period for payment then this simple means that your money has not yet been processed.

There is no set date for collection of money dates for this grant unlike the other grants. Beneficiaries are urged to wait for an sms or pay date in their status profile to indicate they can collect their r350 grant and should not go to the bank or post office to retrieve it if they haven’t received a message. or seen a pay date indicated in their status. The south african post office has announced that approved recipients of the r350 social relief of distress srd grant can now collect their benefit from pick n pay and Boxer stores nationwide. However, according to the national postal service, this is only open to grant recipients who have received an sms or pay dates indicated in their progress from the agency confirming their collection points.


In an effort to address challenges some beneficiaries have experienced in trying to access their grant from the Post Office, the South African Social Security Agency has reopened a system for you to change their payment method. You can now change their method of payment for their money to be paid into a bank account. The agency has confirmed the bank account method as the most convenient and quickest way to receive the grant and avoid queues at the Post Office.

They have successfully started paying out the first batch of the ongoing grant. It is important to not that the Applications for the grant, which is set at R350, is still opened until march next year. The grant is set to benefit unemployed citizens, most of whom lost their jobs. President Cyril Ramaphosa last month announced the reinstatement of the SRD grant, which is set to run until the end of June 2022. The agency said grant payments are channeled through direct deposits into approved beneficiaries’ bank accounts, mobile money transfers through cell phones, and through the South African Post Office. He said the payment process for all those approved will start from 25 August 2021 and subsequent months afterwards. However, he emphasized that not everyone should expect to be paid on the day, as this will be done over the coming days.

“To avoid overcrowding at post offices during disbursement of approved recipients, a joint strategy was put in place by the agency and sapo, where the last three digits of the identity numbers of each qualifying recipient will be used for payment collection on a specific day of the week. This will help minimize the spread of new infections and allow for social distancing on pay days. Most importantly, if a person has not received a sms from the agency notifying them that the grant is available for collection, it means the grant is not available yet. In other words, every approved applicant must first wait for a SMS confirming that the grant is available.

He appealed to all successful recipients to cooperate with them and “only go to the post office when you have indeed received a notification sms to collect your grant”. “You are advised to avoid disappointment and not go to the post office to ‘just check if by any chance the grant is available’. The grant will not be available if it is not the day of the week when sapo uses the last three digits of your ID number to pay. “The function for all applicants to start checking their status on the system will be available later this week. The function has not been available, as SASSA has kept the channels open to cope with the high number of applications received. Any inconvenience this has caused is sincerely regretted,”

They said during the previous payment period of srd grants, about five million South Africans received the grant each month.

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