How to check Sassa Balance without airtime or through the website status check.

How do i check my sassa balance status for the r350 grant application payment on or post office platforms. In order to successfully check your balance follow these instructions: The first option is to use the sassa Ussd code to view your balance, simply dial the ussd code and follow the steps.


This will show you how much you will get. How can I check my account without airtime. To check your balance, simply dial the short code as given by sassa and press send. Next, enter your ID number and the amount you have will appear. According to the Agency, beneficiaries get one free  inquiry per month.


Help or aid will be given from 6th of each month ( Including all other grants that are linked to older person’s grants) Disability Assistance will be given from 7th of each month including any grant linked to these accounts. All other grants will be given from 8th of each month. Cabinet has reminded South Africans to submit their applications for the assistance to support people who have no income. Request for the grant opened on Friday. The Agency has called on recipients of the Special grant, who did not collect their grant from the previous cycle, to do so before 31 August 2021. CEO Busisiwe Memela-Khambula said the agency still has unclaimed request approved from the initial phase. Memela-Khambula urged all those approved for them to collect their funds.

“If you used somebody else’s cellphone to apply, please check if they received your SMS in July 2021. If the funds are still unclaimed by 31 August, these will be returned to National Treasury to assist with other government priorities,” Memela-Khambula said. In a statement on Thursday, Cabinet said it is conscious of the hardships caused by the pandemic and the recent public violence in some parts of the country.


Here is a step-by-step process to collect the amount from Pick n Pay or Boxer: The grant applicant will receive an sms from the agency confirming their successful application. A grant beneficiary will receive an sms message from them confirming the collection point and advising on the day of collection. The beneficiary must take their ID and physical cellphone along to the store when collecting their grant.
Enter ID number and the registered cellphone number at the till point to confirm the funds are available for collection.

The department of Social Development in South Africa is responsible for providing social protection to all the people. The current minister is Lindiwe Zulu. The Agency is an agency of the government at a national level. It distributes grants on behalf of the Department of Social Development. The number of people who have been receiving care from the them has grown over the years with the latest reported number being 17 million in 2017. Millions of South Africans have also received care from the department.

Beneficiary immediately receives a message to which they must approve on their cell phone before the cash is handed over. Beneficiaries will never be asked to enter personal information on their cell phones or to click on a link. How much is the money? The social grants will increase as follow: Older Person (60-74 years old) will increase. Older Person (75+ years) will increase. How much must you earn to qualify for Sassa grant?

You may not be cared for in a state institution. You may not earn more than R78 120 if you are single or R 156 240 if married. You may not have assets worth more than R1,115 400 if you are single or R2,230,800 if you are married.

How do I check my Sassa SRD balance check? USSD: *134*7737# or try the next option. All You Need To Do Is The Following: Dial *120*69277# on your phone. Follow the prompts.

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