Sassa Online Application: How to Apply for SRD R350 Grant and get approved 2022.

Sassa Online Application for R350 in 2022: How to Apply for Sassa SRD R350 Grant : All applicants applying for it (New Applicants as well as those reapplying after canceling the application.) must do so via the official website, before the deadline 31st march 2022. After applying you will receive an ID number which you will use to check your sassa online status. Just after you see the message congratulating your for a successful application, Call the toll free line on 0800 601 011 to confirm that its been accepted.

Then Wait for At least 14 days after completing your application to check your status. If you have been approved you will see your payment date but if you have been declined then you have to lodge an appeal but before you do that, call sassa helpline on 0800 601 011 for clarification and assistance as to what went wrong. Please be kind in your approach to the customer service personnel thus if you want any substantial help. The appeal will be reconsidered and if you succeed the process will be restarted for you. Continue reading for step by step help on how to apply for sassa r350 grant online application and get paid.

Now lets take your through the entire process including what you should do, what information you must have, how long it would take, and how to speed up the process. When you apply in the month of January or February 2022 for instance, the probability that you will receive payment in that same month is low. So if you applied this month then you will most likely receive your cash in the following month. Lets go through the entire process for this. First you have to go the their official platforms for application although the fastest means has always been the website. While on the government website scroll to the part that says how to apply. Once you get there select the orange link to start the process. The first information that will be requested of you is your phone number. Now make sure that the phone number you are using has not been used for any prior request for uif, nsfas any other grant except caregivers grant. If you are not sure it will be best to use a number registered to you that you are sure of.

Many have been rejected because of this. After entering the telephone number you will receive a pin. This will take less than 2 minutes. enter the digits that you received to verify and proceed to the next stage. Note that multiple submitted request is an automatic decline so be fast about it and do not send a request twice.

After completing that stage you will be asked to agree to the declaration and consent form. If you disagree to the terms of this agreement its will be an automatic decline for you. After selecting agree, submit your answer. Next you will be taken to the actual form to start entering your details. It is important that you enter your ID number and name just as it appears on your card. Any mistake in this process can lead to a decline. You can Use your south african green card document or the smart ID card. Your application will only go through if the details you have submitted match the information the government has about you in their database at the department of home affairs. When filling the form you will enter your ID number, Your Full name in the process refers to all names apart from your surname, then enter your surname in the section provided for it. After filling these parameters select the verify identity to proceed to the next stage. You will receive a notification that the website wants to use your location, allow this and proceed to the next stage.

You will be asked to then enter your email address if you don’t have one create one before you start the process. Enter your gender as well as your highest education level, when you were last employed referring to years, the options are last 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or never employed. Do not lie about this because if you do you will be declined. You will also be asked if you have any disability, if you do then apply for the disability grant instead but if you don’t then you answer no and proceed with the process. If you are a citizen indicate as such in the citizenship column. Enter your home address both line one and two, your city, province, district, municipality, ward number, cellphone number where sms should be sent to about payments. Make sure the number is correct and the same as the one you used when the pin was sent to you at the start of this process. After filling these forms, proceed to submit it.

A message will appear indicating your Application ID number. please ensure that this matches the application ID issued to you by sassa in the message you received. Proceed to enter your payment information. Under current payment option choose any of the options given that best applies to you. The options are Request Post Bank Account, Capture Own Bank Account, Select Bank or Cash send. If you are using your own bank account make sure that you are not receiving any money from anyone into that bank account or it may be mistaken for wages from work.

Enter your bank Name from the options you will be given as well as the branch, the account type and the account number. If you make a mistake with this account number you will be declined because either the account name wont match your details. After doing this submit it and proceed to the next stage. The final message you will receive will confirm that your bank details have been successfully saved. If you ever go back to change this details it will make the time to receive your cash longer than it has to be. Think of it as a queue and anytime you make a change you go to the back of the queue so be sure you have the correct information when starting as well as fast internet services.

Now suppose after your application you want to check your application status you go back to the same website you filled your application forms on and enter the ID you were given when starting this process. Use this ID to track the progress pf your application. If you have been approved you will see it in the status bar after you submit your ID number. However if you have been rejected simply call the call center on their toll free line and respectfully ask for assistance. The representative will assist you and explain what your status means and what you have to do in order to fix the issue you are currently facing.

Some people have complained that they do not receive any uif payments but their sassa r350 grant application online application status can says that they have been declined for that. In such as scenario it is possible that because you were formally employed your details at the department of home affairs and the uif database has not been updated so the representative will assist you in completing this process. Once you have your appeal sorted the re-submission process will be restarted for you so you will have to wait as if you just submitted your application for the first time. This takes time because all the details and background checks will be done again before you get approved. Note that this financial aid is the same as the sassa r350 unemployment grant online application, so do not apply twice. After this process make sure that you have entered your correct banking details. If you make a mistake in the information you present in the Sassa r350 grant application online banking section of the form this could cause a delay or rejection of your request.

Finally Once you have been approved wait for the sms indicating that the money has been either paid to your bank account or is ready for collection at the post office. So far it seems those who go to the post office to collect payment receive theirs faster than other, but there is no evidence to back this. So if you happen to use another payment method and you have not received your money do not resort to the thinking that maybe capitec, absa, nedbank or standard bank have withheld your money. The banking system may take longer than the post office. If you have not received the prior payment make sure you call the helpline and seek assistance because after a period of 3 months after the money has been paid, if not retrieved it will be refunded back to the agency.

The payment dates for the post office even when you get your date should be as stated on sapo website. they have given specific dates for those whose cards end with certain digits to claim their payment so after receiving your message check the sapo payment schedule to know when to go retrieve your cash.

All applicants for the SRD grant or Sassa R350 Grant (New Applicants as well as those reapplying after canceling the application.) must apply via website, Make sure that sassa r350 grant application online 2022 is approved for payment before the deadline 31st march 2022. The sassa r350 grant application online started in 2021 august as the first batch of application. Once you are done with the sassa online application you have to login by entering your ID number and your mobile phone number. If you are rejected you can use the sassa online appeal to challenge this decision and a review will be done. Make sure that you have filled the sassa application form online in addition to the consent and declaration section.

All those who decide to use the sassa r350 grant application online 2021 appeal process should make sure that they check to make sure that their information is correct before their second submission. In order to be able to check your sassa r350 application status you have to keep the login details and number you are given. The sassa r350 grant application online 2021/2022 number for application must be used when logging into your profile to check your status. You will be sent an sms together with a link to your r350 application page. Note that the application and appeals are only valid in the following months, November 2021, December 2021, January 2022, February 2022 and March 2022 subject to any extensions as announced by sassa next year. It is important that you finish your sassa registration for r350 before the deadline date. All Sassa relief grant applicants will be paid or receive payment monthly. Simple start your application by going to https srd sassa gov za for more information.

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