Sassa SRD R350 Status Means testing: Get to know what your status means.

The status Means testing refers to a process where any funds flowing into the account of an applicant, whose application has been declined after reconsideration, are tested against the criteria. So, if your bank account has money in it, they will consider whether you’re still liable for the SDR grant. The agency explains it by saying: Means testing refers to a process where the income of an applicant (for whom the application was initially declined and upon reconsideration is still declined) will be tested.


“Sassa has determined a cut-off date for lodging appeals in respect of declined Covid-19 social relief of distress grants. The purpose is to strengthen administrative controls in the management of this grant and to give effect to a conducive environment for accounting. “All appeals will be considered and appellants will be provided with feedback. All appeals will be treated fairly and transparently to ensure a high standard of administrative justice is maintained in the administration of grants,” said the agency.


They has said that ‘Pending’ means your application has not yet been approved. They is still in the process of scanning your details so that it can be verified first. Once approved, you will receive an SMS from them requesting your banking details, then you will be paid.

The South African Social Security Agency has taken a decision to relook declined grant applications and get to the bottom of the reasons for rejection. The high numbers involved raised questions and they decided that it would be wise to reconsider these before subjecting them to an appeal process, which comes at a cost and resultant delays, given the urgency to pay out the grant during these trying times for poor people impacted negatively by the national shutdown.


In early June close to 50% of processed applications did not qualify in terms of the criteria. Over 70% of those that did not qualify were either receiving or qualifying for UIF benefits according to the database that they were using then to sift through the applications. Subsequently, SASSA took a decision to request an updated database to reconsider the declined UIF cases instead of advising the aggrieved applicants to follow the appeals route.

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