Sassa SRD Appeal Status Check Including Reconsideration and R350 Status.

Sassa SRD Appeal Status Check Including Reconsideration and R350 Status. How To check Your sassa R350 Grant Appeal Status, Go to the SRD Grant website, Scroll down to ‘Application for reconsideration’, choose the yellow bar, Fill in the required fields, You will now be able to view your information. The outcome of your appeal will be relayed through sms. Payments will then be done from the month you initially applied. If the you qualifies in that month of the request, he/she will be paid for that month & for the current month if they still meet the criteria. The amount may not necessarily be a double payment/lump sum or on the same day. It can be split over days or weeks. It’s important to remember that there is no fixed payment date for the special srd grant. All you have to do is to be ready to collect your money as soon as you get the notification indicating that the the process for you is complete.


How To start the Appeal process. its very simple and easy, if you have tried it but are still having difficulties, then you probably missed something. Lets quickly go through it. So the first step is to go to the srd grant website. Once you are there go application for reconsideration and lastly choose the yellow bar beneath that section. Once you are done fill the fields and questions asked of you. After finishing this first step, you will need to check the status of the appeal to be sure that the request you submitted is being reviewed. To do this return to the official website, go the the section about checking status and finally choose the yellow bar directly underneath it.


You will be asked to enter some information which will most likely be your id. The id is the identification number you were given after you finished the process. Once you are done you will be able to see the progress of your request. There are only two outcomes that you could ever get after starting this procedure. The first is that the request for a reconsideration will be a success or it will still be declined. In the event that you are successful, you will know through the sms that will be sent to you including the instructions on what to do next. There are times when this will take about 20 days or more. however there is no fixed time line for it, so kindly exercise patience while your request is being processed.

Finally one of teh most asked questions is if you will receive your money for the previous months as well. Quite frankly despite your initial first failed attempt your official approved payment date will be inclusive of the original application up to the current day or the period the reconsidered request is approved. Every month your details will be checked to verify if you still qualify for the grant. You will be paid each month, provided you still qualify for that month. All those who placed their request, successfully verified and are approved will receive their payments as payment is still currently in progress. Those who haven’t yet been paid yet, will receive payment and still get their coming months payments again if they still qualify.


It is important for all citizens to note that o=there are different channels for each request. For instance note that all appeals can be lodged on the website or by sending an email. Once your request has been received with the right information, it will be considered, and appellants will be provided with feedback. Applicants that are aggrieved by the decision to decline their applications are requested to provide reasons why they think the decision was incorrect or provide a motivation when lodging their appeals. All appeals will be treated in a fair and transparent manner to ensure a high standard of administrative justice is maintained in the administration of grants.

Declined applicants who already lodged appeals need not re-apply nor re-appeal. They will send them the outcome of their appeals through SMS. Appellants are requested not to send attachments when lodging their appeals.

Those clients who had their “350 Grant” applications declined for the period from February to March 2021 may appeal by going to the website at and follow the links for reconsideration. If you do not appeal, the declined application will not be reconsidered. The appeal period closes on 31 March 2021. No appeals will be considered after this date.

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