Sassa Grants Increase 2022 for child grants, old age, and other social grants.

The Sassa Increase for 2022 in social grants are as follows: National Treasury, in the 2022 Budget Review explained that the total number of grant beneficiaries in the country will increase by 5%: This Sassa Social Grant Increase will start from April 2022. This will mean that In April 2022, May 2022, June 2022 going forward the Sassa old age grant and Sassa disability grants will increase by 5% from R1 890 to R1 985.


Old Age grant will increase to R1 985 from R1 890 (5% increase). Old Age grant (above 75 years old) and War Veterans grant will increase to R2 005 from R1 910 (5% increase). Care Dependency grant will increase to R1 985 from R1 890 (5% increase)
Foster Care grant will increase to R1 070 from R1 050 to (1.9% increase)
Child Support Grant will increase to R480 from the current R460 (4.3% increase)


All such applicants of the special COVID-19 SRD grant, who have been approved but not yet paid can rest assured that they will be paid as soon as possible. The agency confirms that payment will be made for all approved grants as soon as confirmation of funding has been made as these payments are from the previous financial year.

As part of the government measures to prevent and combat the spread of covid-19, SASSA was mandated to provide the special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant from May to October initially, and further extended to January and April respectively.


A social grant refers to grants paid by government to South African citizens who are in need of assistance. In South Africa, social grants are administered by the South African Social Security Agency. Social grants are in place to help improve standards of living in society and are given to people who are vulnerable to poverty and in need of state support.

These generally include older people, people with disabilities, and people with young children. All applicants for social grants must be South African citizens, permanent residents or refugees (official refugee status granted by the South African government must be provided) and candidates must be living in South Africa. Social Assistance is provided in the form of:

Type of GrantCurrent AmountNew Amount 1 April 2021
Older Persons (60 – 74 yrs)R 1 860R 1 890
Older Persons (75+ yrs)R 1 860 + R20R 1 890 + R20
VeteransR 1 860 + R20R 1 890 + R20
DisabilityR 1 860R 1 890
Care DependencyR 1 860R 1 890
Foster ChildR 1040R 1050
Child SupportR 450R460
Grant-in-AidR 450R460

Increase in social grants. The new maximum monthly amounts are as follows: Type of Grant Current Amount New Amount 1 April 2021. Older Persons (60 – 74 yrs) R 1,860 to R 1,890, Older Persons (75+ yrs) R 1,860 + R20 = R 1,890. The special SRD grant ended on 30 April 2021 however due to the state of the economy it has been extended to march next year. Sassa has noticed that some unpaid but approved applicants are panicking and as a result tend to gather at post offices requesting payment.

Grant for older persons
Disability grant
War veterans grant
Care dependency grant
Foster child grant
Child support grant
Social Relief of Distress

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