An Overview of Sassa Grants: Social Grants for Children, Unemployed and the Old age.

A social grant refers to grants paid by government to South African citizens who are in need of assistance. In South Africa, social grants are administered by sassa. Social grants are in place to help improve standards of living in society and are given to people who are vulnerable to poverty and in need of state support. Important Notice : The dates you find on your status only communicates the day sassa approved your payment but it doesn’t mean you can collect the money on those dates. Your actual R350 payment will be communicated to you via text message.


Older Person’s Grants will be paid from 6th of every month ( Including all other grants that are linked to older person’s grants) Disability Grants will be paid from 7th of every month including any grant linked to these accounts. All other grants including the unemployment grant for r350 will be paid from 8 of every month.


This will include when and where to collect your r350 grant thus if you did not opt for a direct payment through your bank account. Most people are confused as to the difference between when the money is approved and when you will actually get paid. Only go for your payment when the second text message including when and where you will be paid has been sent.

For those experiencing delays in R350 and other grant payment: Beneficiaries are urged to remain calm and await communication as to when the payment at pay points will resume.” Payment shall be done through direct deposit into your own Bank Account, Pay points or Through cash transfer option which goes to the cell phone and can be cashed at the bank atm of your choice. Updates on the payment of old age, children and disability Grants: The South African Social Security Agency and the SA Post Office assures social grants beneficiaries and the general public of South Africa that social grants beneficiaries will continue to be paid their grant money on time every month.


It is mandatory that the cell phone number should have gone through the RICA (Communication-Related Information Act) process in order for payment to be done through it. Yes the RICA’d number must be registered to the applicant and not any other person in order for you to receive payment.

Payments will be made via cash-in-transit (CIT) companies for the subsequent months. These CIT will be providing cash delivery services to the South African Social Security Agency’s cash pay points from this month going forward until any further developments.

For those who opt for Cellphone Payment Systems, It is important to note the following: They must ensure that the cell phone numbers they provided to them to receive payments, are registered in their own names and not names of other people like relatives or neighbours.

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The beneficiary funds are directly deposited into social grants beneficiaries’ accounts every month by SASSA and SAPO serves as a distribution agent of the grants which are deposited into the Postbank SASSA/SAPO gold card accounts. The SASSA/SAPO gold card accounts are opened and managed in accordance with the contract between SASSA and SAPO.

Mastercard worked in partnership with Net1 and Grindrod Bank and the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) to introduce a biometrically enabled debit Mastercard to efficiently and securely provide these important benefits. This new approach rapidly and radically transformed social benefits distribution; dramatically reducing costs and improving benefits for the citizens